Cloudy Times?

Cumulus clouds make an interesting sight on a fine Pembrokeshire day

Can our fortunes be told in the stars? I don’t know, but in these times of change, this cloud shaped like Great Britain might give us a sign of things to come.

Scotland and Wales are much diminished while England’s cloud wanders lonely, in splendid isolation exactly as it did in the late nineteenth century, bubbling up all frothy and bold. Then, as now, Britain rejected the continent of Europe.

The south east is dark and heavy with people, money and power.

Wales is diminished only Cardiff has any presence, while Cornwall and Devon have swelled with second homes and clotted cream.

The Western Isles are nebulous and about to evaporate and be finally ‘cleared’ from Scotland’s shores. Orkney and Shetland have joined the Norwegians, after all they are closer to Norway, than to Edinburgh (well almost in the case of Orkney).

Has Northen Ireland disappeared? Ireland has floated off into the mid Atlantic unsure of where to go but certainly away from Great Britain.

And there’s nowt that’s useful above the lines drawn by Britain’s planners – the new 53rd parallel?

Come back dear UK don’t float away!

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